How many people play Destiny 2?

Destiny and Destiny 2 have played 167 million players in six years. Over the years, the project has received many additions, updates, and balance tweaks, and, as it became known from the statistics published by the developers from the Bungie studio, the efforts were not in vain. Over the past six years, Destiny has been played by over 167 million players. Curiously, the in-game population is almost evenly distributed between the main combat classes: 31% of players prefer titans, 31% – warlocks, and 38% – hunters. Over the years, players have played Destiny and Destiny 2 as much as 8.6 billion hours.

When was Destiny 2 released?

On September 6, 2017, the sequel to the shooter Destiny was released, in which humanity finds itself in an unenviable situation. Destiny 2 offers players a completely new storyline based on the confrontation between the Guardians and the Cabal legionnaires who captured the Last City, an updated pumping system and equipment, and a changed approach to storytelling.

Is Destiny 2 free to play?

The popular shooter has a free version that includes:

  • Story campaigns (PvE):
  • “Red War”
  • “Curse of Osiris”
  • “War mind”;
  • Initial Strength level: 750 units;
  • Patrol on all planets, even on the Moon from “Shadowkeep”;

Gambit (PvPvE), Crucible (PvP) and Strikes (PvE) modes will be available, as well as:

  • “Gambit Prime”
  • Year 1 Nightfalls
  • “Black Armory Forge”
  • “Panopticon”
  • private matches in Gambit and Crucible

Year 1 Raids: Leviathan and its two variations:

  • “Eater of Worlds”
  • “Spire of Stars”
  • All seasonal and gaming activities:
  • “Iron Banner”
  • “Festival of the Lost”
  • “Dawn”
  • “Crimson days”
  • “Spring Carnival”
  • Solstice of Heroes

Although some of the content of the second year, like “Gambit”, will also become free, to access the overwhelming number of features of “Forsaken”, you still have to buy an extension, which, by the way, now includes all content of the second year – you do not need to buy a separate subscription.

Is Destiny 2 cross-platform play?

Not so long ago, cross-platform save appeared in the game, but fans want more – to see a full-fledged crossplay in the game. The developers from the studio Bungie have been thinking about this for a long time, but they cannot give any timetable for its appearance. There is a possibility that crossplay support will appear in Destiny 2 with the decline of the current generation of consoles.

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