So here comes the good news for destiny 2 lovers which are a prestigious update by Bungie. These are the most essential moments for Microsoft and Bungie as now they are official partners to bring Destiny 2 on Xbox game pass. It will include no extra cost and fans will be able to enjoy all past and upcoming expansions such as beyond light.

Initially, it will be limited to the console version however you can also have it on PC subscription during 2021. Xbox game pass will include almost hundreds of other games that you can enjoy at completing starting rates of about 5$. Destiny 2 Xbox allows you to enjoy various games on mobiles and systems too. As Bungie has made Destiny 2 Xbox boosting experience sophisticated and flexible at the same time.

Interestingly, the upcoming 2 years of destiny 2 is filled with thrilled and tremendous expansions. Up till now, Bungie has decided to work on further expansions of destiny 2 rather than developing and investing time on destiny 3. Destiny 2 will constitute “The witch Queen” and “Lightfall”. Furthermore, the incredible expansion Beyond light is going to release in coming November 10.

There’s an immense gaming future for Destiny 2 as it has decided it’s bigger scope and effort for upcoming expansions. The beyond light will include darkness control and Jupiter’s frozen moon. Although, The witch Queen and Lightfall is expected to release in 2021 and 2022 respectively. The witch Queen is based on Savathun, a hive’s god whereas Lightfall is expected to focus on the nature of light and dark. The Destiny 2 roadmap has utterly new content by Bungie. It is ready to arrive with a more cohesive and efficient system in just a few months.