It’s conspicuous that Bungie has inclined towards hype of “Destiny 2 Year 4 season” owing to an accidentally released teaser which created more curiosity and controversy.

However, the video was immediately removed but it intensified rumours about the annual expansion of the season 11’s title. It is supposed that Darkness and Tower battle with snow will be seen in this new season according to mistakenly released 15-sec clip. It also exposed a new location; considered to be Europa along with battling of Eris Mon as well as Jupiter is expected to be seen in the background.

The trailer also showed that the “destiny 2 Year 4” season will be directed towards the new planet or patrol zone along with the next level of destiny 2 boost service as well as destiny 2 Europe release date.

Interestingly, the actual premiere of “destiny 2 Year 4” will be released on June 9 but not confirmed that a new destination will be disclosed with the launch of season 11 or not. Likewise, It’s still unsure whether the video documentaries, showcasing and gameplay will be available to players due to various issues of the current pandemic. The community manager of Bungie has claimed that the next information will be shared with the public soon but the date is not finalized yet.

Although, the leaked clip also depicted worth-noticing information about guardians which incremented fan’s curiosity for destiny 2 Europe release date to a large extent. Meanwhile, it’s sure that Europa, Eris and pyramid threat will be shown in the next destination.

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So the players just have to wait for destiny 2 season 11 release date “June 9” to attain updates about fall expansion.