Destiny 2’s next season will be called Season of the Worthy. The name first came out after a data mine of the latest game updates was revealed. The new season has fresh and new content, Season Pass, and exotic items that will enhance your gaming experience. There are additional PVE activities and endgame-level rewards from the Trials of Osiris. Destiny 2’s Armour 2 is also evolving, allowing players to change their equipment’s elemental affinity. Expect a lot of changes, but sadly, there will be no new raids to explore because they are tied to a full expansion like the Garden of Salvation Raid in the Shadowkeep.

When is the next Destiny 2 season?

The next season start of Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy was expected to kick-off on March 10, 2020, at 1 P.M. By then, all the updates are fully playable and live. It will run until June 9, 2020. The main story revolves around the challenges to save the Last City.

The return of the Trials of Osiris is the prime reason why players are looking forward to playing the Season of the Worthy and welcoming the game’s enigmatic characters Osiris and Rasputin. There will be lots of weekly Rasputin challenges along with an Exotic quest and legendary Lost Sectors.

Bungie is also focusing more on the PVP, offering more challenges and rewards to collect. Avid players of the game all over the world are also excited to acquire the Thomson-inspired Tommy Matchbook and other seasonal armor. With the new season, expect more goodies as your level goes up, bounties, triumphs, and faster progression.

Here are the significant things you should watch out in the Season of the Worthy:

  • Seraph Tower Event– A new PvE activity that rewards the latest Legendary weapons and armor.

  • Trials Returns – The endgame PvP are refreshed every weekend with Trials-themed gears, armors, and weapons and a new Seal.

  • Seraph Bunker EDZ and Moon –The New Legendary Lost Sectors

  • Seraph Bunker– The New Lost Sectors

  • The Grandmaster Ordeal – This extreme Strike level of difficulty offers endgame rewards and a new Seal.

  • The Guardian Games- Compete with other players that acquired new Legendary armor during this free class-based competition.

The Season of Dawn of Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s 9th season is called the Season of the Dawn. It is the second seasonal content of Shadowkeep, right after the Season of the Undying. You get a chance to play it once you leveled up your rank through the battle pass of the last season. The story depicts the return of the Guardian to Mercury to help Osiris stop the Red Legion that aims to change the past. It features the comeback of the legendary Guardian Saint-14, who died but was resurrected for a special mission.

Since its kick-off on December 10, 2019, the Season of Dawn has provided a lot of quests, activities, and unstoppable action for Destiny 2 players. During the game, you get the opportunity to save Saint-14 during the Impossible Task quest and explored the mystery of the Corridors of Time. Other highlights of this season included meeting the new boss in the Sundial, getting to know the Empyrean Foundation, and participating in the week-long event of Crimson Days.

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