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Activities in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 activities are divided across the moons and nine planets. You access them through the Director, the game’s menu displaying the map of in-game locations and quests. Every Destination has an open-world Patrol zone with available missions or quests that you can start at will, treasure chests or rewards, and not to mention a lot of enemies. There is also a Tower, a social space where you can visit quest-givers who can help you direct your play. Upon entering the Destination, you will also seek one or more quest-givers to guide you for additional goal-setting tactics.

Destiny 2 types of activities

Much of the activity of Destiny 2 requires completion to progress in the game. Here are some of them:
  • Public Events. They are tough encounters that spawn on a set timer. Anyone in the zone can participate and complete the activities which include fighting battles, following enemies between waves, defeating bosses, or deactivating shields to earn weapons.
  • Crucible. It is the quintessential PVP or multiplayer environment where you are allowed to pick from the two playlists- Quickplay or Competitive. Quickplay is for solo players who are looking for fun. For players who want longer matches with pre-formed groups, the competitive options are the best.
  • Raids. They are long and challenging missions that require a 6-player team. Upon completion, your team gets unique loot sets. For difficult new raids in Destiny 2, you can seek our assistance to complete them. The short but very challenging version is called Raid Lair.
  • Strikes. These are co-op missions for a three-player team that culminates in boss fights. You get Vanguard Tactician tokens when you unlock and complete them. The harder versions are called Nightfalls.
  • Lost Sectors. This is one of the activities in Destiny 2 that is fun to complete. Going through the short dungeons to defeat a mini-boss is challenging because they repopulate with enemies and loots after some time, so you must be quick to claim the cache key and open the loot chest.
  • Milestones. They are pre-endgames with story goals that you must pursue to unlock content and become more empowered. The weekly milestones which include the Milestones Call to Arms, Clan XP, Flashpoint, and Nightfall are keys to leveling up in Destiny 2 and reward Luminous engrams.
  • Challenges. These are daily tasks that reward players with XP and extra vendor tokens. Major activities and every single Destination offer three Challenges for the day and are reset daily. There is also a Meta-Challenge that is typically associated with fresh content or the latest event.
  • Meditations. They refer to the act of replaying story missions to earn XP, loot, and Ikora’s faction reputation. It can be accessed after completing the Red War Story campaign and visiting Ikora.
  • World Quests. Unlocking the one-time World Quest in the four Destinations allows you to finish the Red War story campaign and achieve level 20. You also get an Exotic weapon as a reward.
  • Adventures. These side quests are narrative-driven missions. They are not essential to complete the main questline.

All Destiny 2 complete activities provide rewards and make you a more powerful Guardian. If you cannot work on Destiny 2 all activities, we are here to assist you. Feel free to browse our Destiny 2 gears and buy to boost your ability to complete the activities.
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