What is Destiny 2 rating?

Scoring or rating in Destiny 2 has evolved as new seasons unfold. For Crucible, scoring streaks are now reduced instead of having a complete reset after a loss. For Infamy in Gambit and Valor, the winning streak is reduced by one point. As for the Glory, a loss means a 2-point reduction of the winning streak.

How to earn Destiny 2 ratings?

Glory (Competitive)

Glory is the Crucible skill ranking system. You get Glory rank points from Competitive Crucible. If your objective is to unlock top-tier Pinnacle weapons, start earning Glory points and dive into the playlist. Successive wins give players a winning streak bonus, raising the rank points that they accumulated. Added points contribute to the advancement of their Glory ranks. The streak cap resets after five wins.

To earn Glory rank points, you need to progress through the following levels- Guardian, Brave, Heroic, and Fabled. Players also earn bonus points weekly after completing a minimum of three matches. Those who are in Mythic and Legend ranks need to complete at least 3 competitive matches to avoid rank decay. When players lose a match, the streak is reduced by 2 instead of resetting. So, your next goal is to have 3 wins to get the bonus. Moreover, you do not lose your Glory rank below the Fabled rank.

B. Valor (Non-Competitive)

Earning Crucible Valor points to raise the Valor ranks requires a lot of grinding. There are 6 Valor ranks and three sub-ranks that all Guardians have to go through. And since Valor is non-competitive and follows the account-wide progression system, using all your three characters to complete the level is allowed.

You just need to earn the weekly bounties to reach the rank you desired before resetting to unlock Pinnacle weapons. Resetting Valor requires players to have at least 2,000 Valor points. You also do not lose the progress of your Valor rank when you suffer losses.

C. Infamy (Gambit)

Infamy is Destiny 2’s Gambit progression rating system that was introduced during the Forsaken expansion. Players need to gain points to improve their Infamy rank by obtaining The Drifter’s bounties and completing the matches.

Both wins and losses yield Infamy rank points, with wins providing more points. Multiple successive wins also bring a streak bonus. This streak bonus is up to five wins and then it resets. Once you have 15,000 Infamy points, you can reset your rank to zero. You can reset as many as you can as long as you reach the required cap.

Advantages of the new Destiny ratings

Bungie is aggressively improving the game’s features and contents to provide gamers a virtual world that promotes heroism and good feelings. The company’s main agenda is to uphold the foundational pillars that resonate positivity, social camaraderie, and cooperation. The new rating system gives players more leeway for failure and prevents a total wipeout of their winning streak after one loss. Empowering your game’s character is the only way to sustain your winning streak, so there is a need to buy Destiny 2 weapons to fight your opponents.

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