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Triumphs and Seals in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

With the 2.0 update of Destiny 2 comes a plethora of new and improved features like the Triumphs and Seals. There are hundreds of Triumphs that you can accomplish to earn Destiny 2 Seals or in-game marks that you complete the major categories. These collectibles are added to Triumph score, helping you expand the extended lore of the world. Moreover, the Destiny 2 Triumph Seals allow you to give a title to your guardian and optionally display it above your head to showcase your feats or intimidate the opposing players across the galaxy.


Destiny 2 seal farming

The new Triumph system tracks down the challenges you played and your achievements. It replaces the Destiny 1 Grimoire Score and Triumph Book system, offering a more cohesive and simple collectibles tracking. Seal farming in Destiny 2 requires high skills, time, and patience because there are too many Triumphs to accomplish. Some of the major categories that you can farm seals in Destiny 2 are the A Shadow Rises Destiny 2, Black Armory, Crucible, Destinations, Gambit, Lore, and Moments of Triumphs (MMXIX, Reckoner, Dreaming City, and Raids.)


In the context of Shadowkeep, which is the fourth expansion of Destiny 2, players need to return to reprised Moon destination and play new missions as they go. You have to hit the level 900 cap to access the game mode of Shadowkeep. Reaching this level requires constant switching of gears as you play through the encounters and raise your power level. You will see various color-coded gear dropping as you proceed to the game interface, so keep equipping yourself with excellent gear until you reach the soft cap.


Unlock the Shadowkeep Triumph Seal by completing the 8 trials of the Nightmare Time Trial Master and enjoying Power level 980. Next, you must complete one of the Flawless Master Nightmare Hunt without dying at Power level 980 or more. The next step is to dispatch the Deathsingers in the Symphony of Death and get the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Deathbringer. You should be at Power level 900 to unlock this level. And lastly, it is important to find and beat the Powerful Nightmares that are roaming on the moon. It takes Power level 920 plus and completion of the Shadowkeep Campaign to access this challenge. Getting through all these requirements will give you the Harbinger Triumph Seal and the Harbinger Title.

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Destiny 2 Triumph Seals

There are other titles within the Shadowkeep along with Destiny 2 all seals which include the Blacksmith Triumph Seal, the Dredgen Triumph Seal, the Cursebreaker Triumph Seal, the Rivensbane Triumph Seal, and the Wayfarer Triumph Seal.

You have the opportunity to earn the Blacksmith Triumph Seal and title after completing the Armory-specific triumphs. To get the Dredgen Triumph Seal, you need to complete various accomplishments in the Forsaken-exclusive game Gambit. Securing the Cursebreaker Triumph Seal requires the completion of various Triumphs in the Dreaming City. For Rivensbane Triumph Seal, you need to complete all raids encounters and Last Wish requirements. To get the Wayfarer Triumph Seal and the title, you must complete different Heroic Adventures and hunt the Lost Sectors.

While many Shadowkeep titles are static, some are limited which you need to complete within a certain timeframe or you lose the chance of getting it for your own collection. They are the toughest titles to acquire that require players to gather bounties and battle different challenges. If you want to get them fast and show off your game mastery or you don’t have the luxury of time, we offer our expert service to obtain your chosen incentive and increase your achievement score.

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