222Every subscriber should carefully read the following information before the application of our resource. It is required because they are connected with their legal rights. The current contract with the Privacy policy and all the rules regulating Place to Boost activity administer the application of the resource by the customers when they apply boosting services (whether they are free of charge, trial or chargeable) or software. Place to Boost can further refer to as ‘We’.

In this contract, you'll find all the rules, agreeing with which the client accepts the usage of the arbitration for the handling of any disputes occurring other than a jury trial/other proceedings. Besides, you give consent not to take part in the actions against Place to Boost.

If a client decides to register a new account, he/she expresses full agreement for being tied by the current rules. Place to Boost has the power to update the current contract whenever it is required. The terms regulating any possible modifications to the rules are described in the current contract.

In the situation when the customer accepts the current terms on behalf of the company/organization, it means he/she agrees with it for that organization and ensures Place to Boost that he/she has authority for making the organization bound with the rules described. In such a case, the term ‘you’ refers to that organization. If a subscriber doesn't have such authority, or the customer doesn’t agree with the rules, he/she must never accept the conditions of the contract and never use the options provided by Place to Boost.



I. Overview


The current conditions are created for the administration of the boosting options in games via the Internet. The site owned by Place to Boost and the software found on it become accessible for the realization of boosting options. Boosting options are observed in details in Section Two of this contract. All the rules provided by the contract are applicable to our options (unless it is otherwise pointed in the contract).


II. Boosting options offered by Place to Boost


1. Access to the options

Place to Boost gives the clients a right to access and use the options. Such limited right non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable. The only exception is the Affiliates. The right described is a subject to the clients’ compliance with this contract.

If a customer accepts the rules on behalf of an organization, the organization’s affiliates get a right for access and application of the options offered by Place to Boost. It denotes the affiliates also accept the rules while the organization remains accountable for the user’s activity connected with the current contract as if that organization fulfilled such actions itself.

The term ‘Affiliate’ denotes an entity, which is an owner/controller/property or is under common ownership/control with a party. In this case, the term 'control' denotes the power to control the management of the organization. The term 'ownership' refers to the ownership of at least half of the organization.


2. Prohibitions

The client doesn’t have a right for (if otherwise is pointed by Place to Boost):

1) Renting/loaning/exporting/selling access to Place to Boost to other people

2) Disrupting/modifying/interfering with/altering the options

3) Making an undue burden on the options

4) Adopting framing methods for the enclosure of the Place to Boost trademark/materials/logo

5) Using meta tags/text with the Place to Boost trademark/materials without an official consent

6) Applying software/scripts for the creation of several accounts/generation of automated searches/requests

7) Mining the materials from the options offered

8) Carrying out/publishing benchmark analyses/tests connected with the options without the official consent from Place to Boost

9) Covering the webpage with HTML/CSS/script or any other ways

10) Collecting/processing information from credit cards/site properties

11) Using our boosting options for the storage/transfer of protected health information with no official consent from Place to Boost.


3. Restrictions

The client is accountable for the confidentiality of the usernames & passwords, which are created by him/her. The subscriber is also accountable for any kind of activities under the described accounts. Any subscriber is to contact Place to Boost if any unauthorized access is detected under the account. Place to Boost has a right to terminate the account, which is used by the unauthorized 3rd party. A corresponding notification will be immediately sent to the user.


4. Rules of ordering, prolongation & cancellations

Any options, which you should pay for, as well as the options accessible on the site, are delivered through the Internet. The services are fulfilled by professional boosters only with the skills required for the fulfillment of such options at the top level. We guarantee no cheating, hacking or the usage of software, which can make the clients' personal data liable to risks.


5. The client’s Information

– The customer keeps the property right for the information, video, pictures or other content, which is transferred to/via the boosting options in the form the described information that was obtained by the resource. The customer gives Place to Boost a right for the collection / application / storage / transmission / modification / derivations creation of the data provided. Such a right is non-exclusive and royalty-free. It has power worldwide. The information application is allowed to the extent demanded for the realization of the options.

– It is required to get the permissions for the transfer of the client's data to Place to Boost. The information you give us as well as its transmission should not break local/state/federal/international legislations. We aren't accountable for any information you provide. Only the subscriber carries responsibility for the consequences of the application / disclosure / storage / transmission of such information.

– Depending on the options, the client chooses, or the app the client enables, Place to Boost can change definite parts of information obtained from the client for the improvement of our site’s performance/functioning of the options. Place to Boost promises to notify the customers about a new feature and to provide them with a disabling mechanism.

– When the client transmits the information through the boosting options, it means that the information doesn’t violate/misappropriate the rights of the 3rd parties, such as copyright/patent/moral right / trademark / privacy / intellectual property right/commercial secret, etc.


6. Options, which are Trial & free

Place to Boost provides the clients with free/trial boosting options. We aren’t accountable for any problems/damage occurred as a result of the free options application.


- Acceptable Usage

When the subscriber starts using the options offered by Place to Boost, it means the agreement not to use them for:

1) The false implication of sponsorship/association with Place to Boost

2) The usage of the content (such as images, video, texts, etc.), which is inappropriate or violates the property rights of other people (it concerns the application, posting, storage, transfer, and other activities)

3) The participation in activities, which are proved to be illegal (including the promotion of child/sexual abuse materials/human trafficking engagement).


III. Place to Boost Software


1. The issue of License

In conformity with our rules, Place to Boost gives the clients a license for the installation & usage of special software during the application of the corresponding options in conformity with the contract and other Place to Boost documents. This limited license is non-exclusive and non-sublicensable. It is not given for transferring. It will terminate after the client stops using the options provided or when the period of the current contract is over. Note that the software might have open source/3rd-party software. In such a situation, it’s necessary to observe additional rules and conditions as well before the application of such software.


2. The Limitations for the clients

It isn’t allowed to fulfill the following activities:

• Decompiling the code/methods/algorithms

• Disassembling the code/methods/algorithms

• Deriving the code/methods/algorithms in any possible manner.

The same concerns any variation of data from Place to Boost software binary code.

In certain situations, it’s possible to take part in Reverse Engineering (RE) for getting the information for the achievement of interoperability of the client (or of the 3rd party) or to apply it within the limits allowed by the legislation applied. It’s possible only if the conditions are observed:

• RE is demanded for the gathering of such data

• A corresponding request is sent to Place to Boost and we failed to make the information required available.


3. Software changes

-In conformity with this contract, the customers have a right to make changes to the source code and its elements only within the limits demanded for the support of the allowed software application. If it isn’t pointed otherwise, it isn’t allowed distributing such modifications to other people.

-Place to Boost carries no accountability for the changes. There’s no support, warranty or other obligations connected with them. The customer gives consent to keep Place to Boost defended from claims, spending, damages, money losses, and various liabilities (it also refers to the attorney’s payments) connected with such changes.


IV. The issue of Accounting


1. Accounting issue

It’s required to send Place to Boost the information about the client’s credit card to receive access to our chargeable options. If the client gives such information, it means he/she authorizes us to charge him/her payment method for the costs demanded for definite chargeable options.

The credit card should be valid. If you send us such data, you confirm you’re authorized to use this method of payment. Place to Boost will begin accounting the client’s PM for Chargeable options when the customer signs up for Chargeable options.


2. Prices modifications

Place to Boost has the power to make changes, modify the prices of the chargeable options. We are free to do that discretionary at any time.


3. Refund

Any customer has a right asking for compensation in the events of non- or inappropriate delivery of any promised options or non-observance of certain conditions. In such a situation, the customer is to contact Place to Boost via email, chat or other means of communication available. It’s necessary to do so within 2 days after the client’s order has been completed, or while it’s in process. If you contact us later, the issue will be judged depending on the evidence presented.

If your order has been canceled before it was processed by the specialists, the subscriber will get a refund (note that the subscriber is responsible for the transaction fees).

In the event of a chargeback, the money will be returned during 168 hours due to the safety measures of the payment systems.

Discretionary, Place to Boost can provide the clients with refunds/discounts/credits.


V. Beta options


Sometimes Place to Boost offers chargeable options & software for free. These are beta options, which a client can access discretionary. Such versions of options are introduced for testing functionality. In certain events, they might become a subject to the additional rules, which will be shown to the customers when they sign up. Place to Boost can offer support or bug correction (but note that we aren't obliged to).

The trial period usually lasts for 1 year. It starts with the trial start day indicated by Place to Boost or from the day when a Beta option version becomes accessible without special Beta options designation. Place to Boost is free to close the beta option discretionary and not to make it available again. We aren't accountable for damages occurred for the reason of beta options usage.


VI. The issue of Safety & Security


To protect the clients’ information, Place to Boost uses special procedures. Nevertheless, remember that the transfer of any materials via the Internet cannot be absolutely secure. Place to Boost isn't accountable for the losses, changes, and intercepts of the information. We can’t guarantee the procedures applied do not contain errors and the measures taken are absolutely secure. We can't provide an absolute guarantee that they will never be defeated.


VII. Sanctions


The customer doesn’t have a right for the usage of our options if that subscriber/party accountable for the user's control, is under sanctions or enumerated in the list of restricted/banned parties. Such lists are created by the government of the USA, the EU & its participants or by any other authorities.

It isn’t allowed using our options for exporting/re-exporting any type of information/technology to any country, organization or person, to whom/which such an action isn't officially allowed.


VIII. Account Termination; Discontinuance & changes to options


In a situation of negligence towards the current rules, the customer is to lose license for the usage of our options. Place to Boost is obliged to check the cases of such negligence. We have the power for the account termination if we get a DMCA notification or if you're considered an infringer.

Place to Boost can also terminate the client's account/suspend access to the options at any time (either with or without notification). We also have the power for changing/discontinuing any options/their features with no notification. We don’t carry any responsibility on accounts for the modifications made to our options or any other activities.

The clients can also terminate accounts via a dashboard.


IX. Property issue

Any materials, which are found on the site (including code, design, text, interfaces, goods, software, and other content variations), are defended by the intellectual property rights as well as the corresponding legislation. Any materials found in our options are the property of Place to Boost or the affiliate 3rd parties. Their application is allowed only if Place to Boost gives official authorization.


X. Compensation


1. By Place to Boost

Place to Boost becomes responsible for the protection of the customers’ rights in the situations of claims made by others against the client. It's possible if the chargeable option breaks the legislation of the US/EU patent/copyright. We give a promise to protect the customers from damages & losses such as legal costs awarded by a competent jurisdiction, which is applicable to a definite claim.

In the case the chargeable option becomes a ground for a violation claim, Place to Boost can act as follows:

1) striving to receive a right for the customer to use the chargeable options

2) replacing the option for the one, which doesn't influence the functioning of that chargeable option

3) changing the chargeable option for it to become non-infringing

4) terminating the option (and returning your money).

If a claim's grounded on the following issues, Place to Boost isn't obliged to handle it:

1) The chargeable option is used in a way, which doesn’t correspond to the rules

2) Chargeable options are used in combination with the 3rd-party products/options

3) Chargeable options are modified by someone (except for Place to Boost).


2. By the customer

The customer should understand that he/she is accountable for the boosting options application. The customer also agrees to keep Place to Boost protected (together with affiliates, employees, heads, and other officers) from claims / damage / losses / liabilities. The client is also accountable for the costs demanded by the attorney as a result of any activities connected to the usage of Place to Boost options. It concerns the following cases:

• The infraction of the current rules

• The infraction of laws applied

• The infraction of the 3rd party rights

• The infraction of confidentiality

• Disputes occurred between the clients and the 3rd parties.


XI. Disclaimers issue

The options are accessible to the customers as they are. It should be clear that Place to Boost isn't accountable for monitoring/controlling the customers’ content/information obtained from them. Thus, you should fully accept that the application of our options is only your own choice and risk.

Place to Boost isn't accountable for the quality, reliability, and safety of the options offered. They never deal with content found by the customers on the resource. Thus, those entities carry no accountability for possible losses/damage, which might occur due to the options wrong operability, unavailability or troubles with security.

Place to Boost disclaims all the warranties, which also include those of merchantability/fitness for a definite goal/non-infringement. Note there are jurisdictions, which don't presuppose the warranties disclaimer.


XII. The limitations of Liability

Place to Boost won't be accountable for damages/losses, which are caused by the customers' access/usage or impossibility to use/access their account/options/materials. We aren't liable to our customers or any 3rd parties. It concerns all kinds of damage including indirect / special / punitive / incidental / consequential, etc. The rule is active whether Place to Boost representatives were informed of the risks of such damages/losses or not.

The customers give their consent with a fact that Place to Boost is liable to them for the claims/disputes only to the extent, which is limited to the cash paid by the customer to Place to Boost for access to their options for a year prior to a claim. The latest can be grounded on the usage of/impossibility to use the options/content in conformity with the rules described in the Place to Boost contract/other documents.

Note there're jurisdictions, which don’t presuppose liabilities limitations for the incidental losses. In such a situation, the limitations described can't be applied to the customer.


XIII. Governing legislation

The contract is administered by US laws. The customers together with Place to Boost give their consent to follow personal & exclusive jurisdiction of the state/federal courts situated inside the country, for the handling of any disputes occurred.


XIV. Modifications to the Contract

Place to Boost has the power for making changes to this contract. If updates can influence the customers’ rights, we guarantee to contact them by sending a notification via email linked to the account. There're situations when the updates require the customer's consent in order not to lose access to the options (it mostly concerns free options). Any changes made to the contract become active right after the notification. If the user doesn’t agree with the updates, he/she should stop using the options offered by Place to Boost.


XV. Languages

The contract might be presented in multiple languages for the users’ comfort. The English version of the agreement is binding for all users of the boosting options.


XVI. General issues

The contract presented means the full acceptance and understanding between 2 sides – the customer and Place to Boost. It concerns the application of boosting options. It is not allowed fully or partially assigning/transferring the contract without Place to Boost written agreement. We have a right for assigning the contract discretionary with no notification. If we can't demand the fulfillment of a definite provision, we are still able to require its performance anytime.

Refuse to fulfill any part of the contract means refuse from all subsequent provisions. The usage of the headers & numerations in this contract is necessary for the comfort of the customers. It doesn't influence the interpretation of the definite paragraphs. If a part of the presented rule becomes invalid or loses its legal force, it will be eliminated, while all the rest will still be active. In the situation with the termination of our contract, any rules, which should stay active, will stay active after the expiration.


XVII. Disputes handling & arbitration


1. General issues

The paragraph is devoted to the handling of disputes occurring between the customers & Place to Boost. We're interested in resolution in an efficient and cost-effective way. The customers & Place to Boost should accept the fact the conflicts based on the contract are to be handled by arbitration. The latest isn't that formal in comparison with the court. With arbitration, there's a neutral arbitrator (it is not the same as jury/judge). The process is more limited in such a situation. Arbitrators have the power to award the reliefs a court is able to decide upon. The acceptance of arbitration concerns all claims caused and connected with any part of our contract including fraud or other legal issues. A claim is allowed to be made during/after the end of the contract. Giving a consent, you fully accept that both you as a customer and Place to Boost refuse from the right for a trial by the jury as well as for participation in class actions.


2. Exceptions from general issues

Taking the previous paragraph into consideration, Place to Boost also points out that there is nothing that can make both sides limit/refuse/waive the following rights:

• Bringing individual actions in claims court

• Looking for the resolutions in the court of law

• Pursuing enforcement actions using any accessible federal/local agencies (where such services are accessible)

• Filing lawsuit in the court of law for handling the claims connected with intellectual property violation.


3. Handling of Arbitration

Arbitration procedure between the customers & Place to Boost will be regulated by the Commercial Rules of the Association of American Arbitration (known as AAA) in conformity with the contract. The rules described can be observed on http://adr.org or by the phone: 1-800-77-878-79 calling the AA Association.


4. Notification & Processing

Any side of the contract should notify the other one about a claim/dispute occurred. It's possible to do so using various means including certified mail, federal mail, etc. There are cases when there's no real address available. In such a situation, it's possible to send an email to make a notification.

There're certain requirements, which should be regarded by the customers for such notifications about a claim:

• The ground & reason for a claim occurred should be clearly described by a definite side

• The demands for relief should be clearly pointed.

Place to Boost gives a promise to make the efforts required to solve the problem. In the case, Place to Boost and the customers can’t come to an agreement on the issue within a month after notification is sent, Place to Boost and the clients may start an arbitration procedure.


5. Commission

All the affairs connected with an arbitration process will be handled inside the USA in a place, which is agreed upon by two sides. If the conflict is for less than $10,000, it's allowed deciding if arbitration will be conducted:

• only on the ground of documentation presented

• on non-appearance basis (such as telephonic hearing)

• on the basis of ordinary hearing as it's stated by the Rules of the Association of AA in the place of the customer's accounting address.

If an arbitrator decides that substance of a customer's claim/relief demanded is insignificant or if it's demanded for an inappropriate goal (which might be evaluated by standards stated by the Civil Procedure Federal Rule), the compensation payments will be regulated by the AAA requirements as well.

In such a situation, the customer is to accept compensation for the benefit of Place to Boost for all the costs. The term described is the customer's obligation in conformity with the American AA Rules. In all types of arbitration process conductions, the arbitrator should give a written decision, where the basis and conclusions concerning the case, decision, and award are described. An arbitrator has the power for making rulings and solving conflicts as to the payment & compensation of fees anytime during arbitration and upon a request from any side, which is made within 2 weeks of the arbitrator’s ruling on the issue.


6. Limitations for Class Actions

The clients & Place to Boost understand the possibility of claims caused by the purported class or representatives proceedings. On this ground, the arbitrator isn't able to consolidate the claims from more than 1 person. Thus, the arbitrator won't preside over any type of class proceedings.


7. Provisions Modifications

In a situation when Place to Boost modifies the current arbitration provision (the only exception is the Place to Boost’s address for notifications), the customer has a right for non-acceptance of such modifications by sending a corresponding notification to the notifications address within a month. After this, the customer's account is to be closed, while the arbitration provision prior to the updates will stay active.


8. Enforceability

In a situation when Section XVII (or a part of it) becomes ineffective/unenforceable, the sides are to give consent for the usage of exclusive jurisdiction & venue, which are mentioned in section XIII of the contract, to regulate all actions/disputes, which occur on the ground of the contract.


XVIII. Acceptance of E-Communications


If the client keeps using our options, it means he/she fully agrees to obtain e-communications from Place to Boost. The details concerning the issue are described in our privacy policy. It's required to read PP to better understand our principles and the customer's choices concerning Place to Boost communication practices. The clients accept that any notifications, agreements, and other communications they receive electronically will meet the legal communication requirements applied.


XIX. Contacts of Place to Boost


The boosting options are provided to our customers by Place to Boost. We're officially located in the United States, where you can find us.

Every client can contact Place to Boost via the live chat on our official website. Just follow the link https://placetoboost.com. Or you can send the correspondence via our electronic mail admin@placetoboost.com. Feel free to ask any questions concerning our services and partnership.