With the release of the massive Beyond Light update for Destiny 2, a lot of content will be missing from the game. This is due not only to the fact that it takes up a lot of space, and the game already weighs quite a lot, but also with the lore of the game – the Pyramids have come, which will capture these locations.

The content that will go missing, Bungie talked about in a new issue of the weekly blog. The announcement of such a mechanic raised several quite logical questions from people, to which for a long time there was no definite answer, but only assumptions. However, the developers still talked about this process in a little more detail, giving specific examples. In this article, you will find a summary of the information. Please note that this is a kind of preview, the developers intend to tell more about certain points soon.

  • The planets Titan, Mars, Mercury, and Io will disappear. Leviathan will also disappear

  • Planet-related raids will disappear

  • Gambit and Crucible maps associated with locations will disappear

  • Exotic quests on planets will also disappear

  • Forges, trial and freak show will disappear

  • Year 1 campaigns will not be available

There will be only three raids left: the new raid of the expansion, the Last Wish, the Garden of Salvation.

All season’s items will remain in the game, as well as exotic weapons and armor. If you don’t have them, you can return them from the collection.

Exotic weapon

At the moment, users can get certain exotic weapons only after completing a special quest, to one degree or another tied to the planets that will be deleted. For this reason, the so-called Memorial Kiosk will be added in year 4, it will allow you to get such a weapon, bypassing the quest.


All for the same reason, the removal of planets on November 10 from the game will disappear 11 catalysts for exotic weapons. Bungie mentioned that at some point in 4 years they will return with updated (if required) missions, but unlike the previous point, there is no exact date and it says “in future seasons”.

Catalysts for other exotic weapons will remain.

Reducing modes

Along with the maps, the list of modes will be reduced, only the most demanded and popular options will remain. By design, this allows you to increase the matchmaking pool and make it easier to find the match with the best connection.

With the release of the add-on, several new locations will appear in the game: the Cosmodrome, Jupiter’s moon Europa. A new mini-campaign will be available to replace those that disappear from the game.

All old content will go to the repository, from which Bungie will occasionally grab and update it.

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