Collecting the Destiny 2’s Exotic weapons is one of the exciting things to do in the game. These Exotics are regarded as the ‘golden’ gears that are unique, rare, and extremely powerful. Moreover, you only get and use one at a time as random rewards for completing an activity or through quest lines. In this regard, many players opt to buy Exotic weapons to complete their arsenal instead of working long hours to obtain them.

Where can you buy the best Exotic weapons in Destiny 2?

During the introduction of the game, Bungie scattered vendors in the futuristic world. Most of them can be found in the social space where all game characters gather to sell and gift you with items. Some vendors operate and live on the four different locations of the virtual world of Destiny 2. To buy powerful Exotic weapons of Destiny 2, watch out for the weekly appearance of Xur, the Agent of the Nine. He offers Exotic-level gear in exchange for the rare currency Legendary Shards.

What are the 5 top Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2?

We rounded up 5 of the top-notch gears in Destiny 2 and came up with the list of must-have Exotics. Each Exotic weapon comes with unique perks that enhance your total performance and increase the character’s rank and Power Level.

1. Rat King Sidearm

Rat King weapon is a true killer sidearm with decent stability and a quick-firing rate. This elite weapon is built for Raids and Crucible team play. The Rat Pack perk is activated when there are nearby allies. When you are together and everyone is equipped with this weapon, the entire team becomes more powerful and stronger. Another perk, Vermin, grants a short period of invisibility as players reload after a kill.

2. Vigilance Wing Pulse Rifle

The best perk of this Exotic pulse rifle is the Harsh Truths. It instantly restarts your health regeneration and increases movement speed, allowing you to run and resurrect the dead team member during the fights. Moreover, when everyone is killed and you are the only one alive, the Last Stand perk will increase your weapon performance as you defend yourself against the enemies. It is great for the Crucible, Strikes, and Trials of the Nine because it fires five-round bursts. You get it from random drops.

3. Crimson Hand Cannon

If you are looking for a truly unique weapon with impressive perks, one of the best choices is the Crimson. This hand cannon delivers a three-round burst via Banned Weapon perk, while the Cruel Remedy sends healing energy each time the gun makes a kill. If you get a precision kill, you will be rewarded with more magazine ammo. You can unlock it after completing the Powerful Milestone quest.

4. Sunshot Hand Cannon

Another phenomenal gun that belongs to the list of must-buy weapon in Destiny 2 is the Sunshot. It turns killed enemies into Solar bombs that generate critical damage to the surrounding pack. During the Warmind expansion, the explosions are made more massive to trigger more destruction. This slow-firing Energy gun with explosive round is great for long-range attacks. Hitting the target with Sunshot highlights it, making it easy for you to follow even if it hides.

5. One Thousand Voices Fusion Rifle

This Exotic weapon can destroy anything in various activities, so arming yourself with one amplifies your chances of winning and completing the objectives. It is equipped with ‘Ahamkara’s Eye,’ or the perk that unleashes a beam of destruction. The beam of fire explodes after the impact on the target, generating further destruction to the surrounding enemies. It is a random reward after completing the Last Wish raid.

And in case you forget, possessing higher level stuff like Exotic weapons raises your character’s overall Power Level. Your Power Level determines whether you are qualified to enter Raids, Nightfall Strikes, and other endgame modes. So, invest and buy powerful weapons in Destiny 2 to keep you on top of the game.