The year 2019 was an evolutionary period for Destiny 2, so many are wondering what’s new in Destiny 2 this 2020? The separation of Bungie and Activision has charted a new course and direction of the franchise.  On its own, Bungie continued its commitment to provide fresh seasonal content during the rest of the year and began its third year with free-to-play New Light version, the new expansion of ‘Shadowkeep,’ and the much-anticipated Season of the Worthy. Moreover, there was also a slight shift in the seasonal structure as Bungie features new content and tells stories inside the period. The new cross-save feature of the game also allows Destiny 2 players to take their distinct characters to compatible platforms.

What is the new raid in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, there is no new raid in the Season of the Worthy because the raids are tied to the Garden of Salvation Raid or the Forsaken Last Wish.

The Garden of Salvation raid in Destiny 2 offers an intense experience that will push your skills, communication, and coordination with teammates to the limits. After the Vault of Glass raid in the original Destiny, it is regarded as the first fully Vex raid. Here, you will be facing two bosses- the Consecrated Mind and the Sanctified Mind over four encounters. Just like the other raids of this exhilarating game, the Garden of Salvation requires every player on the team to fulfill his role to go through the complicated activities.

After attaining the Power level cap of 950, you will get the chance to fight your nemesis and earn the rewards that will usher you to advance in the game. You should also grab the Exotic trace rifle, Divinity, and hidden chests, which can be earned by completing puzzles. Of course, be unstoppable to hit your ultimate goal- the raid’s two hidden chests. If you find it difficult to achieve your goals or do not have ample time, we can help you with our Destiny 2 raid boost product.

How to get new Exotics in Destiny 2?

Getting an Exotic gear, armour, or weapon is an exciting part of the game. The golden/yellow weapons and armors have unique stats and perks that increase your damage recovery and agility, making you a powerful Guardian. The new gears require you to complete missions or get them as random rewards during the course of action.

There are different ways that will help you earn them.

  • Unlock them through story progression

  • Complete Adventures, Public Events, Crucible matches, and other Activities that reward Exotics

  • Quests will reward you with Exotic items

  • Decrypt Exotic Engrams and exchanged them for Exotic gears

  • Watch for the appearance of Xur, the traveling merchant who sells Exotic Weapons and Gear for a low price

  • Increase the drop rate using the Three of Coins

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How to assume a new character in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2’s free-to-play feature offers a chance for new and veteran gamers to start fresh by creating a new character. As mentioned before, you can bring your new character in Destiny 2 to other platforms and join other players, thanks to the new cross-save function.

To create your new character, you can bring up the in-game menu, go to Settings’ ‘Change Characters,’ or select the main menu’s empty slot. You have the option to adopt a whole new character or rotate between your existing Guardian characters. However, to be a flexible and skillful player, be sure to have one character in each class to help you go through the Player Vs Player (PvP) and Player Vs Environment (PvE.)

What are the new planets in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has three new planets that Guardians can explore to complete missions.

  • Titan is Saturn’s biggest moon with a massive methane ocean that is occupied with mechanical platforms and used by humanity during the Golden Age.

  • Nessus is the tiny ice planetoid with natural red vegetation, gorgeous plateaus, and sprawling cliffsides.

  • IO is Jupiter’s moon that features lush green vegetation and sulfuric deposits. This is the Warlocks’ holy place.

What is the best new weapon in Destiny 2?

Exotic gears with game-changing and unique properties are much-anticipated in the latest Season of the Worthy. Tommy’s Matchbook, an auto rifle is considered as the best new weapon in Destiny 2, along with The Fourth Horseman and the Rumored MG.

Expect a whole new level of experience that will make your game more exciting and fun!